For the last six months, I have asked myself a question over and over, perhaps more than I have ever questioned it in my life: what is the Lord doing? I know and believe that he is in this, working for our good, and that he will use the world’s current happenings to bring honor and glory to his name and bring more people to know him. But how? When? And how do I fit into that picture? If I believe that I am the daughter of a king, and that his only son is the Savior of my life, if I profess to love him and say words like, “Here I am! Send me,” what does that mean? It is easy to say when I am sitting in the safety of c|Life church. It is far more difficult to live out when I go out the doors into the world in the state it is in today.

“For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?”
— Esther 4:14

Any quick trip down a social media site or 30 minutes of watching the news right now will bring far more questions than answers. There is blatant persecution of Christian beliefs. Everything is so highly electrified. It feels like every direction you turn, something or someone is under attack. What does that mean for us as Christians? Why do we exist at this time and place, and what are we supposed to do?

Clearly, there is work to be done. The job looks overwhelming. We want to fight the good fight for the injustices, for those who cannot fight for themselves, for those being wronged, persecuted and forgotten. But how? How does my tiny voice bring about the change that the world needs to experience? I am just one person.

Then Queen Esther answered, “If I have found favor in your sight O King, and if it please the king, let my life be granted for me, my wish, and my people for my request.”
— Esther 7:3

Queen Esther sets an example of being brave and trusting God enough to protect us when we stand for what is right and good. She shows us how to hold our tongues back when needed and how to jump into the trenches when the time is right. And she shows us we do not have to do it alone. Our main focus at Community Life Church is connecting people to God and one another. We are better together.

It is easy at a time like this to view the world from your comfortable seat on the couch. Over the last six months we have become very fond of that place. It can feel scary to rise up from there and step outside the front door. But Esther teaches us that we are called to be bold, to take risks, to stand in the gap together. When we face life or death decisions, the choices are easier when we have fellow believers to confide in, seek counsel from, and stand beside. Standing shoulder to shoulder and arm in arm with our community, we can be ready when God gives us our “go ahead” moment. We can abandon our instincts to hide on our couch and be silent and hope someone else will fight the good fight for us. Instead, we can each use the unique position God has put us in, drawing strength from each other and being ready for such a time. Together we will be ready to say, “Here I am, send me!” Or, better yet, “Here we are, send us!”

This week, I encourage you to evaluate your place in the community of God. What call do you need to make or group do you need to engage with to be sure you are not alone? Take a bold first step and reach out! Take a chance on taking a few steps away from your comfy couch and get a broader perspective of God’s purpose and plan for your life! Where has he placed you, and what has he asked you to step into? Do not continue to live in the shadow of fear! Be bold and step into the light! Together, we might save a nation!