The God of the Bible doesn’t just express love; he is love. As a triune God⏤Father, Son, and Spirit⏤he has always been and will always be an others-centered, self-giving, communal being. Jesus, the Son, fully embodies the love of God and demonstrates it most clearly when he gives his life on behalf of humanity. When people learn to trust Jesus’ love for them, they join in God’s community of love, and their very nature is transformed to love others with him.

Read: 1 John 4:16, John 15:9-13

Reflection and Discussion Questions:

Take note of the phrase “come to know and believe.” How is knowing and believing God’s love for us a process?

Jesus and his disciples compared his love to a place where you can live or “abide.” To truly live somewhere, we first have to move in, unpack, and learn the space and how to operate in it. What else do people do when they live somewhere? How can this compare to what it’s like to trust in Jesus’ love?

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