What legacy are you leaving behind? When discussing legacy, there is no better example than Jonathan and Sarah Edwards. If you aren’t familiar with their love story, please allow me to share. Jonathan Edwards was born in 1703 and married Sarah Edwards in 1727. Jonathan and Sarah were friends and lovers. History records that they loved being around each other and were intentional to find time together every day.

As a sought-after pastor and itinerant preacher, Jonathan was often called away for preaching assignments, but he always desired to be home. Despite his rule of 13 hours per study each day, he found time every day at lunch to go riding for an hour with Sarah, just to enjoy her company.

Jonathan and Sarah were married 31 years together. They had a remarkable marriage, and their legacy is astonishing. Jonathan and Sarah had 11 children, 51 grandchildren, and countless great-grandchildren. Here is where the marriage of Jonathan and Sarah Edwards becomes legendary. History records that from the lineage of Jonathan and Sarah Edwards there were:

  • 3 U.S. senators
  • 1 U.S. vice president
  • 13 college presidents
  • 30 judges
  • 60 doctors
  • 60 authors
  • 65 college professors
  • 80 public servants
  • 100 lawyers
  • 100 pastors

Talk about a legacy to emulate! Jonathan and Sarah Edwards loved each other, and they committed to their family. Records show that Jonathan would spend an hour with his family nightly and pray a blessing over his children every night. According to historical accounts, Sarah was a woman of fervent prayer who was constantly lifting up her children before the Lord. Oddly enough, Jonathan Edwards didn’t live a long life. He died at the young age of 55, but the legacy he left went on for generations.

The life you live and the love you show to your spouse and children will affect those around you for years to come. The decisions you make have a far-reaching impact. Spend some time this week thinking about the decisions you make and the legacy you are leaving behind.