The first few chapters of Nehemiah show us some solid steps that led to Nehemiah’s success. There is a blueprint embedded in the story that can help us to bear good fruit as children of God.

1. Nehemiah had passion.

The first thing that jumps off the pages of Nehemiah to me is the fact that he had a great passion for the calling of God upon his life. He was passionate about the work at hand.

Just a casual interest in the issues that came to his attention would not have prompted him to action, but we see that Nehemiah wept, mourned, fasted and prayed for days about the condition of God’s people in Jerusalem. The passion allowed him to overcome obstacles along the way. His passion was greater than the hurdles in his way.

2. He prayed.

He did not go into this effort on his own. He boldly prayed for God’s help. He prayed that God would grant him success as he went before the king.

3. He planned.

You’ll notice in Nehemiah 2:4, after Nehemiah told the king the problem, the king asked him, “What is it you want?” We see in verses 7–8 that Nehemiah was prepared to answer that question. He had planned in advance and knew what he needed from the king as he started out on his quest. It would have been a short and unsuccessful meeting had Nehemiah not known the answer to the king’s important question. Nehemiah had planned and was prepared.

4. He proclaimed that his success was due to his God’s help.

…And the king granted me what I asked, for the good hand of my God was upon me.
— Nehemiah 2:8

Do you feel led by God to a task? Nehemiah gives us a blueprint for success.

How passionate are you about that call? Just a casual interest will not take you far. You will need prayer as you begin to respond. You will need good planning. And we should always remember from where our spiritual victories come: from our God.

Then I replied to them, “The God of heaven will make us prosper…”
— Nehemiah 2:20