I’m the first to admit that I’m not what most people would call a manly man. Honestly, I’m way more comfortable building a sandwich than building a coffee table. But I remember when I used to love trying to build stuff (trying is the key word). For Christmas, when I was 7, I got a little toolkit and wood to build a small desktop shelf. I remember being so excited to finally be able to build something using materials other than Legos. So, that afternoon, I put together my first — and consequently my last — piece of carpentry. This little shelf was lopsided, slanted, splintered and horribly painted. By all accounts, it was a terrible shelf, but I loved it. I was proud of it. It was something that I had created.

On Sunday, we talked through Ephesians 2:10 and spent some time talking about how we are God’s workmanship. Randy mentioned that the Greek word used here is poiema, which is where we get the English word “poem.” In another passage of scripture, poiema is translated to “things that have been made” that show off God’s eternal power.

I think we need to take a moment and really think about that. We are carefully created poems, so that we can show others the attributes of God. Think about what that means for you.

Just as a poet chooses each word with purpose, God has also created every part of you — yes, even the parts you don’t like — with purpose. Just as a poem shows the heart of the poet, our lives should also show the heart of our Creator. Just as a poet sees his poem as his beautiful masterpiece, God also sees you as his beautiful masterpiece.

Today, rest in that truth. Rest knowing that God has specifically and purposefully created you. Rest knowing that God is delighted in you. And out of that rest, live in a way that shows off his eternal power and divine nature.