Sit quietly and relax. 

Reflect over the last week: 

  • For what moment am I most grateful?
  • What experience felt most life-giving to me?
  • When did I feel most content, most like myself? 
  • When did I sense God’s presence most fully?
  • For what moment am I least grateful?
  • What experience drained life from me? 
  • When did I feel the most discontented, uncomfortable, and the least like myself?
  • When did God seem absent?
  • Do I notice God’s presence in any of this?

Spend a moment in prayer, aware of the presence of God with you in both the consolation and desolation. You may choose to breathe in gratitude from your moments of consolation and breathe love, compassion, and healing into your moments of desolation. Give thanks for both moments and for what they have to teach you about what gives you life and what does not. Release yourself into God’s care, and rest in the comfort of God’s everlasting love.