Read Isaiah 46:8-13.

God’s knowledge, also called omniscience, means that God fully knows himself, as well as all things actual and possible, in one simple eternal act.

It’s impressive that God understands everything that actually is. There are no secrets of the universe. There is nothing hidden in the deep. His knowledge is as personal as the number of hairs on your head and as vast as the number of grains of sand on every planet orbiting every star in every solar system in every galaxy in the entire universe.

But not only does he know everything that actually exists, He knows everything about things that are just possible. He knows the end result of every decision you didn’t make. Every tragedy or opportunity that didn’t happen. He knows all of that.

The most impressive thing about his omniscience is that he fully knows himself. That is to say, he knows the beginning and the end. He knows and fully understands His will, work, and purposes and uses his power to accomplish that.

This matters because it means that even when we cannot see, he does. So when he says in Romans 8:28 that He works all things out for the good of those who love him, that is not just a nice thought. It is an active demonstration of his knowledge, seeing where all roads and all decisions lead. And he is working with that knowledge for your benefit.

That is omniscience.

Today, think back on how your life has played out. Were there moments when you did not know how God would bring you through? What happened? Are you going through something now that you cannot see the end of? Ask God to help you trust Him in that.