The Ignatian Examen, or the Weekly Examen, is a type of contemplative prayer. During an Examen, one reflects on the current week, focusing on memories from the events of that week as a way of recognizing God’s divine presence. Let’s begin.

Take time to still your body and mind, inviting God to be present and speak to you during this reflection time.

Invite God’s Spirit to grant you insight as you look back over your week and see how God has been present to you during that time.

What stays with you as you reflect on the week?

This week we talked about the Holy Spirit. Did your prayer time bring up specific feelings, memories, challenges, or questions?

How did you respond to them?

Has anything made it easier or more challenging for you to stay close to God this past week?

What did you learn about God this week? What did you learn about yourself?

Based on those lessons, What can you do differently moving forward?

As we close our time together, take a moment to express to God what these past three weeks of prayer have meant to you.

Father, fill us with your spirit and make us mindful of your presence. We have no idea what the coming year has in store for us, but we know that You are God through all of it. We give you this year. We give you our hopes and our doubts, and we trust you. Thank you for being our God. Thank you for making us your people. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.