God is Working for Your Good

Read Romans 8:28.

This week we spent our time addressing all the things that keep us separated from God. Our sincere prayer is that you have been challenged to do things that will actively help you reconnect with him.

The knowledge that God is good in his character, thoughts, and ways changes so much about the way believers interact in the world. When we are confident that God is for us, there is nothing in life that we cannot endure.

As we wrap up this week, we wanted to leave you with this great truth found in Romans: God is working for your good!


Father, thank you for the work you have done in our hearts this week. Today, help us to celebrate your goodness. Today, help us rest in the knowledge that we are never alone, no matter what happens, because you are always with us and always working for our good. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.