Fearless Living

Read Isaiah 41:10 and Matthew 6:25–34.

Fear is something everyone must deal with at some point in their lives. Fears can be about anything. A person can be afraid of heights, cats, public speaking, or, more commonly, death. Fear comes from the belief that whatever lies before you can physically harm you, threaten you, or cause you pain. It’s pretty fair to say that fear is an understandable emotion. The good news is that the most common fear in the world is the very thing that Jesus himself overcame.

The climax of Jesus’ life was his death. He died to free us from that fate. Because of him, eternal life is our destiny now. God cares about the big things, but you should know he cares about the small things too. The things we worry about day to day. When you’re fearful of what you’ll eat for your next meal or what the day ahead of you has in store, remember that if God cares for all the animals of the earth, he cares deeply for you too.

That doesn’t mean you’ll have a life of ease and comfort, but it does mean that God will be with you even when life is hard and drawn out. God has placed his Spirit in you so that you remember his love when fear creeps up on you. So take heart and know that God is with you.


Father, we need help trusting you. We want to live fearlessly and be strong in our faith. We want to be certain that you can do all the things you say you can. Sometimes we try to step aside and leave our problems in your hands, and then we are overcome by fear. We don’t want to be a people of fear. If you can defeat the grave, then give us the faith to know you can defeat anything else we face. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.