Read: Isaiah 58:6, Isaiah 58:16-20, Proverbs 18:21, Psalm 34:1

Most of us understand the power of spoken words, but it is likely uncharted territory for us to consider the power of fasting words, or not speaking specific words. How could this be so powerful? Scripture tells us very pointedly, “We all err in many ways. But if any man does not err in word, he is a perfect man and able also to control the whole body” (James 3:2, MEV). There are some fiercely unruly members in our bodies, but God’s Word says that if we tame our words, we can tame our bodies and minds. That’s powerful!

Can you visualize the impact on your life if you could bridle your thoughts and body? It is God’s very intention for us to destroy strongholds of poor self-image, negative speculations, and every thought that is contrary to who we are in Christ. These negative words keep us chained to the past and bar us from moving into God’s purposes for our future. The words that come out of our mouths heal or hurt. They bring reconciliation or division. By our words, men are called into their destiny and the life of the Lord is shared with others. By words, dreams are shattered.

So let’s dive into these words and see what the Lord wants to do in our hearts.

Why is complaining such a big deal? After all, we all complain about something. Here is what we don’t get. In the act of complaining, we create an atmosphere, an air around us, that cannot host the presence of the Lord. Grumbling, murmuring, whining—whatever synonym you want to ascribe to complaining – they all have the same effect. They quench the Spirit of the Lord.

For this one day, ask the Holy Spirit to sensitize you to your own heart and listen carefully for the words coming out of it, in particular, words of complaint.

We would like to thank Tim Cameron & Charisma House for providing this plan.