Giving FAQ

How do I log into my OnlineGiving account?

Here is the direct link to c|Life’s OnlineGiving: 

You can login to your OnlineGiving account using your email, username or even Google or Facebook. There is also a forgot your password button under the login or sign up button for a new account. If you need additional help, please let us know at

How do I change credit card information/amount?

You can change your credit card information through OnlineGiving by clicking on “Your Account” and then “My Profile”. This is where your payment methods are stored. You can also click into your “Recurring Schedules” and edit the payment information for the specific transaction or the amount of the transaction.

How do I give to a specific campus, construction project, disaster relief, ministry area, missionary, cause, mission trip participant?

From the c|Life giving page, we have a section labeled “Designated Giving Opportunities”. Here you can support:

  • c|Life Missions – This includes our community ministry efforts such as Serve, local missions, our Royal Family Kids Camp, the c|Life adoption fund, our specific ministry partners or general mission support.
  • Support a Mission Trip – Here you will find a list of current or upcoming c|Life mission trips. Select the trip you would like to support, and then you will be able to choose from a list of mission trip participants that still need funding for their trip.
  • Crisis Relief – Used specifically when crises happen locally and around the world. c|Life directs this money to those already in place to help and assist in the name of Christ.
  • New Campus Funding – Start by selecting your campus from the giving link, and select “Change the World,” which is the campus building fund.

What do I do if I accidentally gave to the wrong thing?

You can email our business office at with the transaction day, amount and what you meant for it to go to. He will be able to make the corrections for you.

How do I change or stop my recurring giving?

Once you are logged in to the c|Life OnlineGiving page, click on “Your Account” on the top right hand corner. Here you can view your recurring schedules. You can click on a schedule to change the giving amount, credit card or to cancel that specific recurring gift.

How do I know if my gift has been stopped?

You will receive a confirmation email from OnlineGiving once your gift is canceled. It will also not show in your “Recurring schedules” anymore on your OnlineGiving account.

How do I change my email or mailing address the church uses?

By logging into “My c|Life” using your email address or phone number. This can be found at You can make changes to your household address, email address, campus you attend, etc. Here you can also view your year-end contribution statements for current and previous years.

To login to your “My c|Life” account, use your email address or phone number the church has on file and request to “reset password” if you don’t know your login. If you are still having trouble logging in, reach out to us as, and we can help.

Where can I see my giving history?

Your OnlineGiving account will show giving history under the “Donation History” section.

The contribution statements on our website are updated on the 15th of each month for the previous month’s giving and so the giving they reflect will not be as up-to-date as your OnlineGiving “Donation History”.

How do I request a year-end statement?

Contribution statements are available at any time though the “My c|Life” section of our website or the “View your Contribution Statement” button at the bottom of These contribution statements will reflect the end of the year giving after January 15th. If you need assistance downloading your year-end statement or would rather a paper copy mailed, please let us know at

To login to your “My c|Life” account, use your email address or phone number the church has on file and request to “reset password” if you don’t know your login. If you are still having trouble logging in or would like to request a paper statement mailed, please email

How do I donate non-cash gifts, such as stocks, mutual funds or bonds, real estate, etc.?

Our business office can help with all of this. Please email us at and we can provide you with information for stock donations to c|Life or direct you to our financial advisor at Mortarstone for assistance with long-term planning.

How can c|Life help me set up my will or trust? A charitable annuity? A charitable remainder trust? A charitable pooled income fund?

We can put you in contact with financial professionals we have on retainer ready to help with these types of giving. Fill out a request on our Giving page under “Legacy Giving Info Request” or contact our business office at

How do I donate my RMD (Required Minimum Distribution) from my IRA or 401K?

We have an external partner at Mortarstone Financial that has extensive knowledge in these areas. Contact our business office at, and we will get you in contact with them.

Financial Accountability

The leadership at c|Life is committed not only to teaching financial integrity but also to modeling it. Every year, the financial office is audited by Pickens, Snodgrass and Koch, LLP.

If you are having trouble making a donation or managing your account, feel free to contact Lauren Douglas in our financial office at