Daily Devotionals

Advent Reflections – Day 7

Biblical hope is not just for humanity; it’s for all of creation. Jesus’ resurrection provided a glimpse of how the whole universe will one day be restored. Read: Romans 8:18-39 Reflection and Discussion Questions: In this passage, what do the children of God and...

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Advent Reflections – Day 6

Jesus’ Spirit can live within us. The Holy Spirit empowers Jesus’ followers with God’s presence and promises. The apostle Paul called this mystery “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” Read: Colossians 1:25-29 Reflection and Discussion Questions: According to this...

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Advent Reflections – Day 5

Biblical hope depends on Jesus because he gives “living hope” through his resurrection. Our mortal lives fade and die, as he also died, but the life of Jesus is indestructible. He is alive and always offering unending, incorruptible life with him. We begin entering...

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