For Holiness

Read John 17:17–19.

As Christ is in the garden praying for all believers, he begins to pray that they would be sanctified or made holy. Many of us struggle with the idea of being sanctified. At its most basic level, it means that we are set apart for service to God.

That is always the way with God. He sets his people apart to do his work in the world. But to be set apart means that we would be different from the world around us. As Christians, we often put emphasis on salvation as a moment in time. We can forget that the work of salvation happened and continues to happen in us every day until we are with the Lord. It is a miracle that he has saved us. Every day, he transforms our hearts from the desire to find satisfaction in sin to delighting in obedience to his will.

Sanctification is not something we are comfortable with because it means little by little, we are less like our lost selves, and little by little, we are more like God.


Father, we praise you for the salvation you freely Give us in christ. We praise you for the Gift of the holy spirit who is working inside us, giving us the desire to do what is right. Father, help us not to be afraid to be united with you and your work on the cross. Help us not be afraid to be committed to your will and obedient to your desires. Help us live out the sacred duties you have called us to do every day. Help us live as a people who have been set apart not to serve our own interests but to be your hands and feet to a lost and dying world. Be with us always. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.