Read Ephesians 5:21–33

Out of all human relationships, there is none more sacred than marriage. Scripture teaches us that God established the covenant of marriage at the very beginning. Strong marriages are the foundation of strong families and even strong communities.

But for strong marriages to happen, we must learn how to love each other. Isn’t it funny to say that we have to learn to love? We mistake love for emotion. We think that our commitment to love and cherish only exists when we feel up to it. But the truth is that every day, we have to wake up and decide to love our spouses.

Scripture shows what good marriages look like. They are full of respect, love, and sacrifice. Ultimately, scripture teaches us that good marriage results from a lot of hard work.

Today, ask yourself these questions: Have you loved your spouse the way scripture has instructed you to? How could you love them better? How could you be praying for them?

If you are not currently married, pray for your married friends. How can you support them and push them to be godly in their attitudes and actions towards their spouses? Also, how can you be praying for them?


Father, today we lift marriages to you. Thank you for the gift of love. Thank you for establishing families. We pray that you help us love how you have taught us to. Relationships can be complicated. Help us lean into your grace and seek forgiveness in our weak moments. Whatever it is causing brokenness or putting our marriage in danger, please bring it to the light and give us the wisdom and courage to deal with it. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.