Read Psalm 127 and Matthew 18:1–6

Scripture tells us repeatedly that children are a gift from God. Not only do they teach us how to love, sacrifice, and trust, they also model what our faith and trust in God the Father could look like.

In spite of this, being a parent can often feel like a daunting job. It’s hard caring and loving for these little people. Many parents become discouraged and feel as though they are failing. Children have a way of simultaneously being a great source of joy and a tremendous source of stress and overwhelming responsibility.

On top of that, the world seems like an increasingly dangerous place for them to be. As adults, if we do not lean into our faith, it becomes easy to raise our children in environments that cultivate worry and anxiety, which would be detrimental to them in the long term.

It’s a lot of work and a difficult job. But you parents are not alone. Today we recognize the gift that children are and the blessings parents are.

In honor of that we want to spend time praying for our children today. Even if you don’t have kids, pray for the children in your church and community.


Father, today we thank you for parents and children. We ask that you would bless parents with wisdom and patience. We pray that they cherish every moment, knowing that the day will come when those moments will only be happy memories. We also lift our kids to you. Watch over them, protect them. Help them to know you as a savior. Help them to know that they are loved. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.