April 27-May 5, 2024

One of our most important priorities as a church is to serve our communities with the love of Christ. We do that all year in a variety of ways, but from April 27 to May 5, we are placing an even greater emphasis on serving. We want everyone that calls c|Life home to find a way to serve someone. We are here to help you every step of the way so you can find a project and share Jesus! Feel free to reach out with any questions by emailing us at or by talking to one of our SERVE team members on your campus on Sundays.


What is SERVE?

SERVE is our annual outreach event dedicated to serving our communities by seeing a need and filling a need. We want to share the love of Jesus and serve our community through simple acts of kindness and practical projects.

There will be a SERVE Community Group (CG) series to wrap up our spring semester. We hope you will join us by planning a project either with your CG, or as a family or group of friends. You can also sign up individually for your Campus SERVE project. 

I’m not in a Community Group (CG) but would like to join one for the SERVE CG series starting April 7. How do I get connected?

Reach out to your campus pastor letting them know you are interested in getting into a CG for the SERVE series.

I’m not in a CG and I would like to serve alone or with my family. What should I do?

Each campus will have a larger Campus Project listed for individuals and families to have the opportunity to participate in SERVE. 

You may also plan a project as a family. You may complete the project yourselves or open it up on our SERVE website for others to join you! Please register your project whether you need additional help or not.

How do I plan a SERVE project?

We recommend following these steps:

  1. Choose a Project: Use your family or group’s passions and abilities along with needs you’re aware of in your local community to help come up with an idea. Register your project on our page so we can pray for you and your team! You can use our list of project ideas below
  2. Plan your Project: Define roles and responsibilities, split the cost of resources between your group members, and reach out to your campus pastor with questions. 
  3. SERVE: Pray for your project, SERVE, have fun! Post pictures on social media using #cLifeSERVEs2024.
  4. Debrief: Take time to reflect on your experience and the impact of your service on you, your family, your group, and those who will benefit from your service.

Refer to the SERVE Leader Guide for more detailed information and access to the planning documents.

Who can I contact with questions or concerns?
  • I have questions about how to SUBMIT a project I’m planning or REGISTER for a project listed on the website: Contact
  • I’m a Project Leader with questions about project details: Contact your campus pastor.
  • I’m a Project Participant with questions about a project for which I am registered: Contact your Project Leader (contact information in project description and confirmation email).
  • I’m a Project Leader and I need to know who has signed up for my project: Contact
How and why do I tell the church which project my family or CG is planning?

How to register a project:

  • Use the “Submit a new SERVE project!” button below and complete the form. 

Why to register a project:

  • We can pray for you! 
  • We may be able to partner with you in providing goods or resources that have been donated to the church for SERVE.
Who will pay for the supplies for our SERVE project?

The group or family who comes up with the project is responsible for funding the project. The church can provide items such as tables, tablecloths and chairs if they are available at the time needed.

How do I get more information about a SERVE project for which I’m registered but did not plan?

Reach out to the project leader! Their contact information is listed in the project description. If you are unable to find it, please contact and we will connect you with your project leader.

What about inclement weather?

Please make back-up plans for inclement weather if your project is outside. If you were unable to have a back-up plan to complete at the same time and location as the scheduled project, please notify and do your best to reschedule in a timely manner.

How do I make a donation to SERVE?

Our SERVE ministry relies on financial support and supplies to accomplish each large campus project. To make a financial contribution, click HERE. To donate goods/services, email us at

NOTE: When you submit a new project, it may take up to 20 minutes before you recieve a confirmation email. 

By signing up for one of the projects listed below, you agree to have your contact info shared with the project leader.