Worksheet: Reflecting on Change

This tool is designed to help you reflect on areas of your life that you wish to change. It will encourage you to explore your motivations, identify potential challenges, and set a vision for the change you want to see.

Identifying the Change

  1. What area(s) of your life do you feel stuck in? This could be personal habits, relationships, career, spirituality, etc.
  2. What feelings or emotions are associated with these areas? Understanding your emotions can help shed light on your motivations for change.

Exploring Your Motivations

  1. Why do you want to change this area of your life? Be as specific as you can.
  2. What benefits do you expect to see from this change? Consider both immediate and long-term benefits.

Understanding the Challenges

  1. What has prevented you from making this change in the past? Try to identify any barriers or hurdles that have stood in your way.
  2. What potential challenges might arise as you work towards this change? Thinking about these now can help you be better prepared when they do.

Setting Your Vision

  1. How do you envision this area of your life after the change? Try to paint a clear picture of what success looks like for you.
  2. What steps do you believe you need to take to achieve this vision? Start considering the path toward your goal.

Remember, real change takes time and perseverance, so don’t be hard on yourself if things don’t change overnight. This process is about setting a direction and taking one step at a time toward your goal. Good luck!