Kid-Friendly Change Discussion Guide and Activity

Explaining Change

Begin by explaining change in simple terms. For example, “Change is when something becomes different. Like when a seed changes into a beautiful flower, or when we change from being awake to asleep.”

How Change Helps Us Grow

Use relatable examples to explain how change helps us grow. For example: “Remember when you couldn’t tie your shoelaces, but then you learned how? That’s a change! And it’s a good change because it helps you do something you couldn’t do before.”

God Helps Us Grow

Explain that God helps us grow and change for the better. For example: “Just like a seed needs water and sunlight to grow into a flower, we need God’s love and guidance to grow into the best version of ourselves.”

Celebrating Change

Ask your child to think about a new thing they learned recently or something they can do now that they couldn’t do before. Celebrate these changes together.

Praying for Growth and Change

Teach your child to thank God for helping them grow and change. For example: “Let’s thank God for helping you learn to tie your shoelaces and ask Him to help us keep growing.”

Activity: Growing With God Flower Craft


Construction paper (various colors), colored pencils or crayons, scissors, glue


  1. Draw a flower pot and a flower with multiple petals on different colored pieces of construction paper.
  2. Cut them out.
  3. On the flower pot, have your child write or draw something new they learned or a change they made that they are proud of.
  4. On each petal, let them draw or write small steps they took or skills they learned to achieve that change.
  5. Glue the flower onto the pot, and decorate the rest of the paper with colored pencils or crayons.
  6. You can hang this flower craft in your child’s room as a positive reminder of their growth and change.

Remember, the goal of this discussion and activity is to help your child see change as a positive part of growth and to emphasize that God is always with us, helping us become the best we can be.