Daily Devotionals

Count It All Joy

Posted by Abbie Kilgore on

The timing of this devo is funny for me. I have been lucky enough to live a pretty smooth life for the past few years. Knowing that the sermon from this past Sunday focused on trials and how we respond to them, I didn’t have much personal experience. But then I tore my meniscus, and it...

Hope in Suffering

Posted by Riley Roberson on

James is the type of person you would go to in high school to get them to check out your essay before you turned it in. His writing is beautiful. Having made it all the way through the book, we can see that he begins and ends it with the same idea: in all things, good or bad, we can look to God...

Piece By Piece

Posted by Crystal Brashear on

The first American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson, put out a song in 2015 titled Piece By Piece that describes how her relationship with her father broke her, and how her husband’s commitment healed her. The lyrics, which Clarkson co-wrote after a conversation with her sister, begin with the...

Waiting Patiently

Posted by Randy Wade on

Patience is a wonderful thing. Patience is a virtue. Patience is a fruit of the Spirit… that seems to escape my grasp more easily than most any other thing. Despite my best efforts to become a more patient person, I oftentimes find myself looking at my watch, growling under my breath at...

A Better Day Is Coming

Posted by Doug Hall on

The middle school teacher leaves her classroom with clear instructions to read the assigned chapter, answer the questions at the end, and keep the noise to a minimum. She says she will be back shortly. What happens next in the classroom is predictable. A few students do as they are told. Some...

Keep Swimming

Posted by Laci Prewitt on

I was in high school when a certain Disney animation first hit the big screen. As seniors, my friends and I made the most of our emerging freedom to do what all grown-up, mature seniors do. We went to see Finding Nemo. And we loved it. We saw it countless times, bought and wore t-shirts, car...

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