Daily Devotionals

Putting the First Things First

Posted by Crystal Brashear on

Have you ever known what the right thing to do was, but found yourself failing to do it, over and over again? If so, that means you’re human. Most of us have lived long enough to experience the frustration that comes when we don’t do what we know we ought to do. Sometimes, head...

Misunderstanding Why We Serve

Posted by Rebecca Spence on

Ah, Pokemon Go. Due to a sad state of affairs regarding the cell phone situation at our house, our 9-year-old has been left out of the Pokemon Go craze. Up until recently, that is. While visiting my in-laws in Florida this summer, my father-in-law happily offered up his cell phone to our...

Wanting to Help

Posted by Joe Paris on

My wife and I have two daughters who are enamored with the world and extremely curious about how everything works. My family just moved to Texas around the first of June, so our house is “in process,” which means we have a lot of boxes and a lot of Ikea furniture to put...

Service Is More Than An Action

Posted by Scott Hiney on

It’s likely that most of us see service primarily as an action-based idea, and I think that really puts us at a disadvantage when it comes to serving God and his kingdom properly. Yes, many acts of service involve us physically utilizing our bodies, but none of that will ever matter if...

Find Your Role

Posted by Riley Roberson on

I think we get a major thing pretty backwards. Usually, when we do some sort of service, we feel really good about it. We feel like we did God this huge favor, took time out of our lives, and so on. And then when we sin, we think, “I messed up, but no biggie. I’m pretty good...

You Are Worthy

Posted by Jenna Winegeart on

I wear a copper key around my neck every day. The word WORTHY is engraved on the front side. I purchased the key for myself a handful of months ago when I wanted a daily reminder of whose I am — my identity in Jesus. It’s all too easy getting caught up in every facet of life. And...

We All Need Reminders

Posted by Steve Glenn on

It's one of the first family stories I was told: when I was very young, around three or four, there was a large family gathering of some type. As was the custom at these types of events, my family was talking a lot, and more than one person was talking at a time. You've been there before. At any...

Thoughts on Baptism

Posted by Valerie Williams on

“In obedience and command of our Lord and Savior, I baptize you…” These are words that I heard at least once a month throughout my childhood. My grandfather was Southern Baptist pastor and, over the past few days, his words have been playing through my mind — words that...

Obedience in Baptism

Posted by Lisalette Hamon on

Judgment. It’s something we all try to avoid. Even if we have good intentions and want to do the right thing, we still fear others’ judgment. We don’t like to give people room to interpret why we are doing what we’re doing. I know that if I can take away every chance for...

He Loves Us. All of Us.

Posted by Luke Bedford on

The last week has been a tough one all around our country. There’s no denying it, there’s no covering it up; our world is broken to the core. A lot of hate has been stirred up, causing much division between the citizens and those who protect the citizens of this great country of...

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