Read: Genesis 39:2

Today’s passage is Genesis 39:2. Joseph’s circumstances started off very grim. He had been taken to Egypt as a slave. But because the Lord was with Joseph. . . he became a successful man in the house of Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh and the captain of the guards (39:1-2).

He may have been a slave, but God was with him. Joseph’s life proves the lesson of the sponge: when you fill a sponge with water and then add pressure, water comes out. Joseph was so full of God’s presence that when life squeezed him—what came out was the evidence of God. He became a successful man. As you read the Scripture passage further, notice that Potiphar didn’t just see Joseph’s work ethic (though that was obviously evident). He saw that the Lord was with him.

On your winding paths to your purpose, stay close to God. God’s presence will be the defining factor in getting you to your destiny.

We would like to thank Pastor Tony Evans and YouVersion for providing this plan.