Marlo Wade

Preschool Director / Kaufman Preschool Coordinator

Marlo is originally from the Texas panhandle, where the wind blows constantly, the land is flat, and the sunsets are gorgeous. She graduated from Baylor University with a bachelor’s degree in family and consumer sciences, and met her husband, Randy, there as well. After working with children for 16 years vocationally, and serving in the preschool ministry at c|Life from the beginning, Marlo joined the c|Life staff in May 2013 as the Preschool Campus Director at our Forney campus. Her favorite part of working at c|Life is connecting with parents and watching preschoolers sing to, pray to and worship God. Fun fact about Marlo: since she grew up in a farming community, her closest neighbor was two miles away, and she started driving at age 5. She and Randy make their home in Kaufman with their three children, Sydney, Micah and Sutton, none of whom will drive before turning 16.