Meet Our Staff

Our Leadership

One of the first things people notice about c|Life is that we don’t follow the traditional model of a modern church, led by a single senior pastor. We actually have three co-pastors who, along with a board of overseers, collectively help shepherd the church as outlined in Scripture. We consider c|Life to be staff-guided and overseer-guarded, moving forward together, united in our commitment to be the Church.

Our co-pastors, David Griffin, Paul McDill and Randy Wade, have served in this role at c|Life since it began. Their shared commitment to the God-given vision for the church, as well as the accountability provided by having three equal leaders, ensures that no one person has the ability to turn c|Life into anything other than what God intended. This model also allows the co-pastors, along with our other teaching pastors, to rotate preaching duties from campus to campus each week, which helps keep the focus on the message being taught, rather than the personality delivering it.

Our Staff