My wife and I just completed a move to a new house. During the packing-up phase, my wife ran across a box containing a bunch of our first emails that we sent back and forth to one another in the first months of our relationship that she had printed out, and boy are they sappy! My wife called me into the closet where she found them and read a few to me, with tears in her eyes. After feeling all the feels for a few minutes, she packed them up, to be taken to our new home. We rarely take the letters out these days because we are physically present with one another.

However, when the day comes that one of us passes away (I’m sure I’ll go first – I don’t eat my vegetables), I bet you that box of old emails will be out on our nightstand many nights. She will pore over those emails, taking in each phrase, each word. Why? Because though I may be gone, she will still have my words and, in my physical absence, my words will become all the more meaningful to her.

We may not get to see God face to face in this life, but we have his words to us in the Bible! Do you ever read them? Do you love them? Have you read certain sections so often that you’ve come to have them memorized?

You don’t have to read the Bible in order to be saved, but it seems weird that someone who loves God would completely neglect his love letters to him or her. There will come a day when we will be united with our love. We will see him face to face, be able to talk with him, hug him. But, until that day comes, we have his love letters to us.

May we, a people captivated by the love of God, commit ourselves to pursuing our love through his words to us.

“When your words came, I ate them; they were my joy and my heart’s delight,”
— Jeremiah 15:16