Read: Habakkuk 3:2

The greatest attacks on our faith occur between the promise and the fulfillment. But a delay in His promise does not mean He has disqualified us! Christ has given us an anchor of hope so we can be grateful for what He’s done while still believing “until” we see His promises come to pass.

Habakkuk lived out this tension between promise and fulfillment by positioning himself to worship the Lord and follow God regardless of the outcome. He lived with the mentality that we all can possess through Christ: “Either way, we win!”

Habakkuk could pray for freedom and revival for his nation while still being completely aware of the bleak reality of their circumstances. Like Habakkuk, we don’t know how long it will be before we see the outpouring of God’s Spirit and a wave of repentance wash over our cities, but we do know that He is faithful regardless of the outcome. And we can pray from a posture of unshakeable faith, even when there is a delay, knowing that He will hear from heaven and finish what He started.

We would like to thank Pastor Dave Patterson and The Father’s House for providing this plan.