Read: Habakkuk 3:2

In the book of Habakkuk, we find a man crying out to God over the sins of his people: violence, arguments, injustices, wickedness, and perversion, among others. The nation of Israel during Habakkuk’s time is not a far cry from America today. Much like our nation, Israel was reaping a harvest of sin that had been sown for generations.

Like Israel was, we are at a time in our cities that requires an “only God” invasion, a time that will require personal encounters for this generation that will bring transformation by the Spirit and power of God. As we see in Judges, a whole generation was raised up that neither knew the Lord nor what He had done for their ancestors. When a generation does not have a personal experience with the power and presence of God, they quit telling the story of redemption and revival, leaving the following generation in a state of idolatry and sin.

Every generation must have its own personal awakening and God encounter that will change and shape their lives and futures. Let it be our prayer that God does not pass this generation by! Let us cry out for God to meet with us and those after us in real ways that transform hearts and bring glory to His name for decades to come.

We would like to thank Pastor Dave Patterson and The Father’s House for providing this plan.