Read: Habakkuk 3:2

We all come to God with our own passions and desires. We come to Him in prayer, often convinced that what we are asking is what He wants to do for us. Because He is a good God who longs to hear our hearts and has our best interest at heart, how can we know that what we desire and pray for is His will?

We are told in Psalm 37 that when we “delight” ourselves in the Lord, we will see our heart’s desires come to pass. In Hebrew, “delight” means to “be pliable, soft, and able to be reshaped.” In other words, when we stay in close pursuit of His Spirit and keep our will surrendered to His, His desires actually shape our desires, and we begin to pray the perfect will of God!

Once we know, with certainty, that what we are asking for is, in fact, in line with His will, then we can ask and pray in faith for what we want to see come to pass in our families, churches, and nations – then we should never stop praying for His will to be done! It is clear throughout His word that God desires a “reviving” of His people; He is simply looking for those who will not cease in relentless and selfless prayer until we see God move in power in our day!

We would like to thank Pastor Dave Patterson and The Father’s House for providing this plan.