We are a people who like to follow. We follow people and stories on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We spend a ton of time following things we probably don’t even care a ton about. Like April the Giraffe. Why people cared so much about a pregnant giraffe, I do not know. But we like to follow. Following isn’t a bad thing, as long as you’re following something good.

This week, in the verse we looked at in John 10, Jesus says this about himself: “I am the good shepherd.” In this verse, “good,” connotes nobility, attractiveness or worth. In other words, Jesus is a worthy shepherd that his sheep would be ecstatic to follow. They would want to be a part of his flock. They would want to have him watching over them. And, because they would want him as their shepherd, they would want to do what he says and follow where he leads.

But there are times where we don’t follow like that. Where we don’t go where Jesus leads or do what Jesus says. That doesn’t mean that Jesus is a bad shepherd and isn’t leading us well. That means that we aren’t being good sheep who are listening for his voice. That means we are being stubborn and wanting to do what we think is best instead of listening to the one who knows what is best. Our lack of following Jesus closely, even into uncertain and uncomfortable situations, doesn’t mean he isn’t a good shepherd. It means that we are choosing not to see him and trust him as a good shepherd.

Today, may you see Jesus for who he is. May you see him as the Good Shepherd. And may you follow him closely.