Do I need to get any vaccines? We recommend following the CDC Travel Guidelines for Peru outlined here. Please consult with your doctor to ensure you are up to date on all routine vaccines and follow any guidelines related to your specific health needs. We will submit to the requirements of both the USA and Peru so please make sure you are aware of and comfortable with the requirements before submitting a deposit. CDC will recommend taking anti-malaria meds but that is not required by the church. That is purely at your discretion.

How much spending money should I bring? Personal preference! You will be responsible to pay for souvenirs, food in the airport, and food while out on excursions or at a market.

What is the travel itinerary? Flight information will be released as soon as flights are booked. Anyone who is registered will be notified immediately if there are any necessary date changes due to flights.

What is the daily itinerary while in country? Daily itineraries will be finalized closer to the trip date and will be provided at one of the pre-trip meetings.

What should I pack? Don’t worry! Packing lists of required/recommended items will be provided prior to your trip.

Can you give me some fundraising tips? Yes! We understand this is a big commitment and we are here to help. We will provide tips and guidance after you have completed the registration process. Our biggest request is that you communicate with us early and often and at the first sign you may not be able to meet a funding milestone.

Do I need trip insurance? We highly recommend trip insurance and have options available through Faith Ventures once you are registered for the trip. Check out another option here: Volunteer Card

Helpful links: U.S. Passports, U.S. Embassy in Peru