Read: Romans 12:6-8, Ephesians 4:11-12, 1 Peter 4:10-11, Matthew 25:26-29

The second area to explore to discover your chazown is your spiritual gifts and talents. Just as your core values were planted in you by God, so were your gifts. Unlike most Christmas presents you received as a child, gifts and abilities from God are for you and for others. They are specially chosen for the chazown to which He is calling you.

The Bible has several lists of talents and abilities, but these are only samplings from a much longer, unwritten “list” of gifts that God has distributed throughout humanity. You are gifted by God. Knowing that, where do you excel? And please don’t give me this false humility thing: “But, Craig, I’m really not good at anything.” Just quit your whining, okay? (Perhaps God has not given me mercy.)

Be honest. What are you exceptionally good at? Can you sing or dance? Are you good at gardening? How are you with numbers? Or leadership? Can you cook? Do you love delegating? Do others open up to you easily? Are you funny? Can you repair anything that breaks?

Every gift and talent you have came directly from God for a purpose. And He wants you to use them to benefit the body of Christ and be a blessing to the world. What are the gifts God has given you?

You’re well on your way to discovering God’s chazown—His vision—for your life. You’ve already uncovered your core values. Now, let’s look closely at your God-given gifts and abilities.

Be patient as you answer these questions. Don’t go too quickly. Try to come up with as many responses as you can.

  1. What do you have a passion to do? Or, what do you suspect you might enjoy doing if you just looked into it a little more? (Consider jobs, hobbies, recreational activities, anything.)

  2. What do you do that seems to have a significant impact on others?

  3. What do you secretly believe you can do but have never tried? One of the best ways to find your gifts is to get involved in various activities and find out what works for you. When you’re ready, record some of your possible spiritual gifts in your journal, as well as one commitment to a specific service opportunity.

For additional help discovering your spiritual gifts, use the free spiritual gift assessment available at

We would like to thank Pastor Craig Groeschel and Life.Church for providing this plan.