DECISIONS  //  Sept. 17 – Oct. 22

Decisions: Discovering God’s Direction For My Life is more than just a sermon series. We’ve developed study guides and filmed additional teaching videos for group discussions. We want everyone at c|Life to experience Christ-centered community, and we’re making it easier than ever. Just grab the material (available at your c|Life campus), recruit some friends and walk together!

On this page, you’ll find:

Session Videos
These are really the heart of this whole series. We will post a session video each week for you to watch with your group, and then discuss together using the Decisions study guide.

Host Lifter Videos
These are videos posted each week for group leaders to watch while preparing for their next group meeting. These short videos contain additional instruction to encourage and coach group hosts.

Frequently Asked Questions
Underneath the videos below, you’ll find answers to several questions about groups and this series.


Intro for Hosts

Week 1

Sermon - Week 1

Session 1

Host Lifter - Week 1

Session 1 Study Guide (PDF)

Week 2

Sermon - Week 2


Session 2

Host Lifter - Week 2

Week 3

Sermon - Week 3


Session 3

Host Lifter - Week 3

Week 4

Sermon - Week 4

Session 4

Host Lifter - Week 4

Week 5

Sermon - Week 5

Session 5

Host Lifter - Week 5

Week 6

Session 6

Host Lifter - Week 6


Who should I invite to my group?
God has given you a circle of influence, and we want you to use it. You can invite people from within c|Life or outside. Invite friends, family, coworkers, or others from your community to go through this with you.

If the sermons go with the study, what about people who don’t go to c|Life? Will they be able to participate in the discussion?
Yes. Each week, there will be a video for you to watch as a group, and then you’ll discuss questions from the Directions book.

Does everyone need a book?
Because the book has places to take notes and includes a daily devotional study, we think it is best for everyone to have his or her own book.

How many people should be in my group?
Groups can be as small as two or three people or as large as 18–20.

What if our group gets behind?
Just keep going, but don’t skip a session to try and catch up.

What if we need more books?
Books are available at your c|Life campus on Sunday mornings or during weekly office hours.

Where do I find the videos?
Right here on this page (clifec.com/decisions), where we will post new videos each week. If you are unable to stream online video we have a limited number of DVDs available at your c|Life campus.

What if I don’t know the answer to a Bible question?
Nobody knows all the answers, but if you’re really stumped, feel free to contact your campus pastors for help.

What do we do with kids while we meet?
Free childcare is available at the Forney, Sunnyvale and Kaufman campuses on Sundays from 4:30–7 p.m. If your group meets at another time, you will need to find your own childcare. However, we will reimburse you to pay for a childcare worker. Email your campus pastor for details on our reimbursement policy.

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