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Words vs. Actions

Posted by William Battle on

Words are not enough if they aren’t backed up with actions. This statement seems intuitive enough. Don’t talk the talk if you can’t walk the walk. Most of us have heard this little aphorism before and readily accept it at face value. We have even seen (and maybe even accepted...

Can I Really Trust The Bible?

Posted by William Battle on

Belief in God is unreasonable. There is no good reason to believe that God is real, especially the Christian God. At least, this is what I believed for a while. Though I grew up in a Christian home, I had a lot of questions. Questions that no one in the church seemed to be able to answer. Why...

Who Are You

Posted by William Battle on

It took a long time for me to admit to myself that I actually cared what other people thought about me. I thought I behaved in a way that demonstrated otherwise, but the vast majority of my fears, doubts and insecurities stemmed from my performance (or lack thereof). I tried to build my entire...

The Result Of Salvation

Posted by William Battle on

Understanding what the church is is crucial for us when it comes to truly living out our faith in a way that will make a difference in our personal lives and in our witness to the world. When talking about the church, the vast majority usually identify it as a building. Romans 16:5 says...

Adult-Sized Toddlers

Posted by William Battle on

“Here, let me help you.” “No! I can do it myself!” Anyone who has ever been the parent of a toddler has heard these words so many times, that we can almost hear it in our sleep. (Parents, I can almost see you chuckling as you read this and nod your heads.) From tying...

Satan and The Usual Suspects

Posted by William Battle on

In the 1995 movie The Usual Suspects, a con man — Roger “Verbal” Kint — is brought in for questioning in regards to a cargo boat explosion. During the conversation, Kint tells the police that this might be the result of an elusive (sometimes considered mythical) drug lord...

The Origin Of Racism

Posted by William Battle on

Racism isn’t a genetic trait. It’s a learned behavior, a product of social norms, history, stereotypes and prejudices, right? Well, not so fast. For the student taking an undergraduate class in sociology or anthropology, this is of course the typical response. But for the Christian...

Rooms Available — Sinners Welcome

Posted by William Battle on

Walking into a hospital, we all have certain expectations. For one, it’s not designed to make us feel good. I wouldn’t expect any of you to decide to spend your time there on a Friday night. Of course not, you’d rather be yucking it up at the local comedy club, checking out the...

License To Sin

Posted by William Battle on

On February 21, 2008, Sir Richard Billing Dearlove, former head of the UK Secret Intelligence Service, testified in court during Princess Diana’s inquest that they do grant a licence to kill. This came as a surprise to some who thought a license to kill was merely a literary device used in...

The Big Question

Posted by William Battle on

From the time I am writing this, it was exactly one week ago that I asked my girlfriend to marry me. It was an evening that we will never forget. Even though she didn’t know when it was going to happen, we had talked about marriage plenty before I popped the question. In other words, I...

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