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At ≠ To

Posted by Scott Hiney on

As my faith in Christ has matured over the past five or so years, I’ve really begun to see how affected I am by the words Christians use, both with fellow Christians and non-believers. How we speak to those around us obviously speaks volumes to our place with Christ, but also to our love...

A Beautiful Rehab

Posted by Scott Hiney on

Depending on which word processor you use to write, it might suggest that the name Rahab is a misspelled version of rehab. This is beautifully ironic. Rahab’s life is an example of a rehab. How is it that this one seemingly worthless life was spared in Jericho and not the poets or the...

Know My Thoughts

Posted by Scott Hiney on

Until we do something different, we’re destined to have the same outcomes, right? You can’t start your diet until you start eating healthier food. You can’t become a better student until you start studying more. You can’t be more awake during the day until you get more...

Christmas Gifts

Posted by Scott Hiney on

There’s pressure in buying Christmas gifts. There, I said it. I know no one else has ever realized this before me just now, but it’s tough. Do I get the thing that’s on everyone’s “Best of 2017” lists? Or do I get the thing that’s 60% off, thanks to...

Stop and Start

Posted by Scott Hiney on

At each stage in life, we find that our time is more and more valuable, understanding that any remaining time is ultimately precious. There are things I must do that stretch my time relatively thin. After I do those things, I intentionally leave time for myself to make sure I can then do the...

No Such Thing As Perfect

Posted by Scott Hiney on

Through middle and high school, I was heavily involved in music, playing trumpet in the band and, senior year, joining my high school a capella and show choirs. Music taught me plenty of things — namely making me better at singing loudly in my car each morning — but what it taught me...

Sharing Through Obedience

Posted by Scott Hiney on

Like many other concepts, ideas or actions of the Christian faith, baptism is a topic I continually learn more about each time I hear it discussed. For me, that has a very tangible reality to it, because I was baptized several years after placing my faith in Christ. That gap in time existed for...

More Than Commandments

Posted by Scott Hiney on

This is the love of God, that we keep his commandments. And his commandments are not burdensome. For everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world — our faith. — 1 John 5:3–4 Loving God is not just keeping his...

True Love

Posted by Scott Hiney on

As a young adult who grew up in the middle of the digital boom, I often feel the weight or pressure of appearing like I’m present and not like I care more about what’s on the screen in front of me than what’s beyond it. I’m sure this is a common situation a lot of us...

Just Know Jesus

Posted by Scott Hiney on

We don’t like being kept in the dark. We also don’t like our futures being in someone else’s hands. But, as we learn in John 14, Jesus left his disciples in order to prepare a place for them, even though the disciples don’t know the details about that plan, such as when...

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