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He Loves Us

Posted by Luke Bedford on

Some of the most awe-inspiring moments I have had in my life have come in the times when I am able to get away from the lights of a big city, in the quiet darkness of night, and gaze into the sea of stars that surround us. In these moments, it amazes me that we are such a small blip in an...

The Gift of Grace

Posted by Luke Bedford on

The call to ministry was a call that God placed on my heart pretty quickly after placing my life in his hands at the age of 17. At that point in my life, I would have been considered a pretty good kid by society’s standards. I played football throughout middle school and high school...

Bearing Fruit

Posted by Luke Bedford on

The thought of doing something alone, such as going out to a restaurant by yourself, or going to a social gathering without a date or, at the very least, a friend to tag along is a weird concept to a lot of people. Most people have the desire to surround themselves with people that make them...

Bread of Life

Posted by Luke Bedford on

I think we can all agree that some of the food we eat can be seen as a wonderful gift from above. (In fact, according to my Facebook feed from Sunday afternoon, Randy Wade made the folks over at the Kaufman campus have a hankering for some good chicken-fried steak). If you don’t feel that...

Our New Position

Posted by Luke Bedford on

The term “dead in your trespasses” shows up twice within the first five verses of Ephesians chapter 2. That is a scary thought, to be dead in your trespasses. Not just the literal death of our bodies, but the spiritual death beyond that, with eternal separation from God hanging in...

Living In Community

Posted by Luke Bedford on

When I first started attending c|Life four and a half years ago, I heard almost every Sunday about the importance of living in community with others, but I never allowed myself to truly experience what that meant until September of 2015. At that time, my wife and I began leading a discussion...

A Heart for Giving

Posted by Luke Bedford on

When it comes to the idea of being a generous person, more often than not I like to justify my lack of monetary generosity with the idea that God has called me to be generous with my time, my ability to physically help someone, or anything other than money. Yes, God does call us to be generous...

Today is the Day

Posted by Luke Bedford on

On the night of Feb. 4, 2006, at a Disciple Now event, I accepted Jesus into my heart. I hit the ground running with God in my life. I started leading a small group for the youth. I had conversations with my parents and grandparents about the great news I had received about Jesus. I...

The Everlasting Rock

Posted by Luke Bedford on

Whenever I fly, the feeling of turbulence frightens me to the core. My first thought is always, “This plane is about to fall out of the sky!” Then, seconds later, it' i's back to sailing as smooth as could be, like nothing ever happened. I find myself reacting this exact same way...

He Loves Us. All of Us.

Posted by Luke Bedford on

The last week has been a tough one all around our country. There’s no denying it, there’s no covering it up; our world is broken to the core. A lot of hate has been stirred up, causing much division between the citizens and those who protect the citizens of this great country of...

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