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What Desert Are You In?

Posted by Laci Prewitt on

I’ve been to the wilderness lately. Well, it was Palm Desert, which is basically a city full of country clubs, high-end stores and one cactus museum, but it is the desert. I was there in February, and I went swimming, because in the desert it never gets very cold, even in the winter. And I...

Willpower or His Power

Posted by Laci Prewitt on

My in-laws are out of town. They are somewhere wearing jackets. Rude. Put on a jacket here, and die instantly. They asked my brother-in-law to water their plants, and they told him there is one little pot hidden in the garden that he likely won’t find, and not to worry about it...

Pay Attention

Posted by Laci Prewitt on

A few months ago I was going with my mom to the doctor, and I was the designated driver for the morning. I picked her up, put the address into my GPS, and started driving. We chatted the entire drive, just catching up, and being thankful we both live close to our jobs, because a morning commute...

Find Healing

Posted by Laci Prewitt on

My youngest son, Rory, is 5. He is 100% of all the youngest child stereotypes: artistic, popular, social, manipulative, charming, persistent. He is also the baby of the family. Every night, he is scared of something in his room, he can’t reach anything without his stool, and he is...

God Multiplies (Repost)

Posted by Laci Prewitt on

This devotional was originally published on Nov. 22, 2016. “Now when it was evening, the disciples came to him and said, “This is a desolate place, and the day is now over; send the crowds away to go into the villages and buy food for themselves.” But Jesus...

The Greatest Love Song

Posted by Laci Prewitt on

After being single for five years, the idea of finding a guy was almost a joke to me. I mean, I liked myself, my dog, my house and my mom — what else did I need? True story, though — one Sunday morning, one of my Dream Teamers in KidsMin asks me if I had met his brother. I...

Power Up

Posted by Laci Prewitt on

I have this problem. A weakness, if you will. It’s a problem that I know is a problem, but I like to dress it up as a strength because then I can pretend it’s a good thing when I pull it out. I am sure I am the only one who does this, but just in case someone else can relate, let me...

God Had A Plan

Posted by Laci Prewitt on

So, I’ve got these four kids. The youngest is Rory. He LOVES Batman. His birthday is in February, which means he has to watch every other member of our family have their birthdays before his comes back around. For the last eight months, at least once every other day, I’ve heard some...

Throw Off The Chains

Posted by Laci Prewitt on

I had a vision once. It was in black in white of a man on his knees, and his hands were shackled at the wrists with heavy chains. The only way to describe the look on his face was total defeat. As I was having this vision, I began to pray for the man. I prayed for release from his chains, and...

The Value Of Worry

Posted by Laci Prewitt on

Have you met my son Ian? If not, please treat yourself to the picture I posted via Facebook on 9/18 of him with his very first ever set of graded assignments. He’s real cute. But he is also shortening my lifespan right now. We are currently in a season where his emotional state is more...

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