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Presence Over Perfect

Posted by Ian Crosby on

Don’t you just love when everything is going terribly in life? No? Yeah, me neither. But we have all had those times when nothing seems to go the way we want it to. We have all had those times when we were hurting, broken, and in a constant state of wondering if God was actually in...

The Power Of Presence

Posted by Ian Crosby on

I’m an independent person. I like to do things my way, on my time and, often times, without help. I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember. In school, I was the guy who would do the entire group project by himself, even if other people were assigned things, because I wanted...

After Perfect

Posted by Ian Crosby on

I’m one of those people who loves the idea of eating healthy and getting more in shape. I love the idea of it. I love making a plan. I love scheduling out how it will go. But here’s my issue: the moment the plan gets messed up, I’m done. If I go to bed too late and don’t...

Know God

Posted by Ian Crosby on

My wife and I have been married for just over two years. It’s been an awesome couple of years, but one of the best things has been getting to know her more. We only dated for a little over a year before we got married, so much of our first two years has been learning more about each other...

Immediate vs. Important

Posted by Ian Crosby on

So often, most of us get distracted and forget the things that we know we should be doing, focusing instead on the things that are pressing at the time. Whether it’s with things around the house, things at work or things with the family, it’s so easy to let what’s immediate...

He Still Loves You

Posted by Ian Crosby on

I have a love-hate relationship with Amazon. I love it because, if I’m running low on toilet paper, I can hit one button and, two days later, I have some waiting for me at the door. It’s great. But I hate it because I’m pretty sure I have a drawer in my closet full of things...

The Past Has Passed

Posted by Ian Crosby on

Do you remember the first job you had? I do. I wish I didn’t, but I do. My first job was working at the Subway inside of our local Walmart. I worked there for two years, and the best thing that came out of it was the title it gave me. After working there, I was no longer just Ian Crosby. I...

Good Shepherd

Posted by Ian Crosby on

We are a people who like to follow. We follow people and stories on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We spend a ton of time following things we probably don’t even care a ton about. Like April the Giraffe. Why people cared so much about a pregnant giraffe, I do not know. But we like to...

A Beautiful Poem

Posted by Ian Crosby on

I’m the first to admit that I’m not what most people would call a manly man. Honestly, I’m way more comfortable building a sandwich than building a coffee table. But I remember when I used to love trying to build stuff (trying is the key word). For Christmas, when I was 7, I...

Good News in a Bad Place

Posted by Ian Crosby on

Good news has to enter into a not-as-good situation, or else it’s not good news. Let me explain. Every kid wants to go to Disney World. Literally every kid. If you think your kid probably doesn’t care that much, you’re probably wrong. It was on Christmas morning, when I was...

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