Daily Devotionals

God Knows What He's Doing

Posted by Riley Roberson on

Around mid-August, I hit 50,000 miles in the air for the year. At this point, at least these two things are true: I’m pretty tired of turbulence, and I’m really tired of airplane food. I was fortunate enough to go on a lot of trips this year to places like Ghana, Arizona, New...

Get in the Yoke


Posted by Doug Hall on

Anxiety is a relentless, destructive force. Whether it's the continual weight and fear of an anxious soul or the dart-like pangs of panic attacks, worry can be debilitating. It saps our zest for life and damages our relationship with the Lord and those around us. A recent survey I took showed...

Calm In Any Size Storm

Posted by Laci Prewitt on

Turbulence is an interesting thing. I have zero fear of flying. When turbulence hits a plane I am on, I'm more annoyed because I will likely get motion sick than I am worried about any impending doom. For others, if the pilot so much as sneezes they see their lives flash before their eyes and...

Oil and Vinegar

Posted by Jenna Winegeart on

Back in college, there were around 10 of us who would drive to Johnny Carino’s in Abilene every Monday night for Family Night. We would fill up on bread, salad and soup, and then take our giant portions of pasta home to share over the next three days. They’ve probably ended that deal...

Foreigners in This World

Posted by Rebecca Spence on

True peace, though we strive for it daily, is not something that can be achieved. It can only be received. Jesus said: “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled.”— John 14:27 Jesus not only left...

Stop Reaching for the Wheel

Posted by Casey Coats on

I usually drive, but occasionally my wife gets behind the wheel. Don’t tell her, but I don’t really like being in the passenger seat when she drives.1 I never feel like she is paying as close attention to the road as she needs to be. She goes faster than I am comfortable with, and...

Reach for Your Heavenly Father

Posted by Paul McDill on

This week at c|Life, we talked about the fact that during turbulent times we almost always reach for something. We reach for our seat belts in an airplane. If we are walking down the stairs and hit something slippery, we naturally reach for the handrail. During financially turbulent times, we...

The Sword of the Spirit

Posted by Angela Kilgore on

Turbulence is inevitable in our lives. If there were some formula out there for dodging it or for behaving your way around it, all of you rule followers would have surely found a solution. Life just doesn’t work that way. One of the hardest times in my life happened when I was walking...

The Everlasting Rock

Posted by Luke Bedford on

Whenever I fly, the feeling of turbulence frightens me to the core. My first thought is always, “This plane is about to fall out of the sky!” Then, seconds later, it' i's back to sailing as smooth as could be, like nothing ever happened. I find myself reacting this exact same way...

Jesus Is Always Better

Posted by Lisalette Hamon on

Nobody is ever exempt from facing hard times. In fact, you may be trudging through a difficult time right now. Whether you’re a Christ-follower or not, you have a choice: to choose Jesus or to choose a temporary substitute. When it comes down to it, I believe most of us would probably...

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