Daily Devotionals

He Can. He Does. He Will.

Posted by Valerie Williams on

He can. He does. He will. If you were to sit at my desk, these three statements are on an oversized note just to the right of my computer, reminding me of truths I know and claim. God goes before us, every moment of every single day. He is always there, fighting for me and working things out...

Bold Obedience

Posted by Courtney Cain on

I was deeply moved by the sermon this week. I can recall several occasions where I felt the conviction to pray boldly for someone, specifically in the area of physical healing, and responded with hesitancy. While I am usually obedient to pray, there tends to be a sense of doubt in my heart. I...

Anything But Routine

Posted by Lauren Creal on

Growing up in the church, prayer was a routine part of my life. We would pray before every meal and then say a prayer every night before bed. These prayers were usually short and monotonous and lacked intent and boldness. It wasn’t until I entered adulthood that I realized the real power...

When The Enemy Looks Good To Us

Posted by Landon Wolfe on

The key to staying in God’s boundaries is knowing and upholding his boundaries. In chapter 9 of Joshua, you have what is called The Gibeonite Deception. As soon as all the kings who were beyond the Jordan in the hill country and in the lowland all along the coast of the Great Sea toward...


Posted by Doug Hall on

The recent Winter Olympics provided many memorable moments, with the U.S. men’s curling team among the top. After losing several matches early, the team skillfully and strategically fought their way to a gold medal victory for the first time in history. One significant rule of curling is...

Over, Under

Posted by Trey Mixon on

If you’re anything like me, you tend to overestimate your abilities and the abilities of those around you. For instance, in high school, during the off season of our tennis team, we were lifting weights. Being the biggest male on the team, I thought it was my place to lift the most. I also...

God Is God

Posted by Blake Clickner on

This devotional was originally published on Feb. 8, 2012. The other day, my 3-year-old son, Cade, told me, “You no tell me what to do!” Of course, I changed his mind quickly, but it caused me to think of how often I say this to God. I may not use poor grammar in my communication...

Be Careful

Posted by Joe Paris on

Deception convinces a person that the decisions they are making are good. A classic example of deception is seen in Joshua 9. Israel was instructed by God to avoid making covenants with the surrounding nations of Israel. Enter the Gibeonites, a surrounding nation. The people of Gibeon knew the...

We Walk

Posted by Crystal Brashear on

He walked, the dust of the Jericho ground swirling up in little puffs around his feet. In silence, he walked. For hours, he walked, his fellow Israelites mutely trudging along with him. The trumpets blasted continually, the sound cutting through the stillness. The whole city watched with bated...

Take Another Lap

Posted by Casey Coats on

In his book, Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell tackled the commonly held stereotype that students from Asian countries are better at math. Gladwell explains that they aren’t inherently better at math, but that cultures that have a tradition in the tedious and laborious work of wet-rice...

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